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Top 3 scooter rentals in Malaga

If someday you will be in Malaga, Spain, do not think that your only options for getting around are foots and public transport. You always can rent a scooter from some of the local supplier and enjoy this city by yourself. Scooters are environmentally friendly and can provide you with more impressions. On this page you can find a short practical guide, which will help you to find most popular and cheap scooter rental in Malaga.

Requirements when renting a scooter in Malaga

Malaga is popular with tourists. On the roads you will see many scooters, because locals prefer this type of transport. It is safe to ride a scooter in Malaga, car drivers care about riders. With a moped you can visit all the attractions, parks and go to the nearby beaches. To drive a scooter in Malaga and in all Spain, you need a B category driving license for mopeds less than 50cc, and A category or B (with 3 years of experience) for scooters powerful than 50cc.

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