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BikesBooking.com is the leading online booking service for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and ATV rental.

Arranging motorbike hire in 70 countries, we are the world's biggest bike hire booking service. Working with leading rental companies, we provide multilingual user-friendly website where users can find and book online wide range of bikes in any corner of the world. BikesBooking.com guarantees the Best available prices, verified reviews from previous renters and no booking fees!

24/7 multilingual support will help you enjoy your journey. Bikes and scooters are eco-friendly and can provide you with a richer travel experience than you will get with a car. You can visit all of the hidden and beautiful places.

BikesBooking.com can help you find and rent a motorcycle or a scooter in any corner of the world easily. We believe we can change the way people go sightseeing during their trips, especially on resorts. Bike booking is possible in almost 1700 locations worldwide. A good alternative to car rentals, motorbikes and scooters can help reduce air pollution and give people a richer impression of their chosen destination.


Our Team


"BikesBooking is a marketplace for bike, motorcycle and scooter rental. Our Mission is to help travellers, whatever their budgets, discover and enjoy the world’s best places on bikes and scooters. We also help rental companies to attract more customers and manage reservations. We are making a booking system for bike, scooter and motorcycle rental companies and an online reservation platform for travellers in one."

Anton Shreider, CEO & Co-Founder



"Our aim is to make the process of online vehicle reservation easier for both parties – Renters and Rental companies. BikesBooking is a marketplace where users can rent out their own vehicles - it's like Airbnb for motorbikes and scooters. You can reach places by bike which are not accessible by car, and we believe that we can provide a service for bike rental in any place of the world. We love bikes, scooters, travelling and this startup!"

Tatiana Skorniakova, CMO & Co-Founder



Ilia Dodonov - Customer Care Team

Maria Perez - Customer Care Team

Maria Gauss - Customer Care Team

Mark Benett - Partner Relations Team

Oleg Alimov - Partner Relations Team



Our Investors


BikesBooking.com has been supported by Enterprise Ireland, which believes in both our team and our vision.




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