Why BikesBooking.com?

  • We market your rental company to a large audience of travelers worldwide, year-round.

  • It’s really easy to work with us. We will add you in the list of rental companies,so you will start to receive customers immediately.

  • Workload of all your bikes will increase, as well as revenue.

  • Personal account of your company in our extranet system will allow you to manage all your bookings easily.

  • From this moment advertisement is our deal, just concentrate on the quality of your service and maximize profit!

  • There are absolutely no sign-up fees or subscription costs when you partner with us.

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1. You tell us about your rental

Add your rental company details, photos of the bikes and tariffs in your personal account in our Extranet system. Once we confirm your details, you set your company live and can start receiving reservations immediately.

2. We tell the world about you

We show your rental company in a way that’s relevant to riders and travelers around the world. We also market your company on search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex to help you rent out more bikes and increase revenue!

3. You get instant bookings & reviews

All bookings made through BikesBooking.com are confirmed instantly. BikesBooking.com customers leave reviews of their use of your bikes which help your future customers make the decision to rent your bikes.