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  • Easy to start

    It’s really easy to work with us. We will add you in the list of rental companies, so you will start receiving reservations immediately when you will add all info in your account.

  • Advertise your brand

    We advertise your Rental company to our large audience of travelers worldwide. We are global - with us you will be global too.

  • Higher earnings

    You bought these bikes to earn some money, right? They shouldn't stay in the garage, with our help your bikes will be always in work and will earn you profits.

  • Business account

    Personal account of your company in our Extranet system allows to add bikes with photos and tariffs, manage all your bookings, manage availability and view statistics.

  • How does it work?

    Do what you do professionally - run the rental business and we will take care of online advertisement and bookings - things which we know really well. We will be your new channel of customers.

  • Why to pay commission?

    We charge only commission from real bookings which we sent you. You still earn your margin! Many companies think that we take their profits, but you only transfer us your marketing costs. Example: customer paid 100$, your marketing costs were 15$ to attract the customer. We take this 15$ and since we are pro in online marketing we can find a customer for 10$. You are happy and still have your profit and we earned our 5$.

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