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Top 5 places to rent a bicycle in Rome

Rome is becoming more and more suitable for bikes. Rome has about 80 km of cycle routes. In fact, bicycles are allowed to enter pedestrian areas and limited traffic areas, which constitute almost a half Roma's city centre. You can avoid the traffic and at the same time discover a whole variety of alternative roads that represent Roman atmospheres at their best. Rome is the one of the best cities to explore it by bike! It is also too big to be visited by foot, you need many days to visit the main Rome attractions. We suggest to rent a bicycle in Rome, with rented bicycle you can visit the most important Rome places with no hassle.

What do you need to rent a bicycle in Rome

You don't need any driving license to use bicycle in Rome, just follow special bike lanes. Always lock your bike on the streets, lock and helmet is included in the rental price.

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